All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization

This article illustrates the global money supply, and money market capitalisations.

Article by Visual Capitalists, Jeff Desjardins


Crypto-assets: Key Developments, Regulatory Concerns and Responses

This study was published in April 2020, by Prof. Dr Robby Houben and Alexander Snyers, on behalf of the Directorate-General for Internal Policies in the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies. It’s publication was requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. It is a detailed study, which acknowledges the highest funded developments in crypto-asset’s industry.

 Study by the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs 

Virtual Currencies in the Eurosystem: Challenges ahead

This study was published in July 2018, by Rosa Maria Lastra, on behalf of the Directorate-General for International Policies in the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies, and Jason Grant Allen Directorate-General for Internal Policies. It is a monetary dialogue briefing analyses of the legal nature of “VCs”, their implications for CB monetary policy and monopoly over note issuance, and the risks for the financial system overall. The study also explores a fascinating concept of CBDCs.

Study by the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

Regulation of Cryptocurrency Around the World

This report covers 130 countries as well as some regional organisations that have issued subject related policies.

Report by the Library of Congress Law

Regulation of Cryptocurrency in Selected Jurisdictions

This report covers cryptocurrency regulatory statutes for: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Gibraltar, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jersey, Mexico and Switzerland.

Report by the Library of Congress Law


Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study 

This Study is the first to systematically explore key cryptocurrency industry sectors by collecting empirical and non-public data. The study also has accounts for surveys from 150 companies and individuals, covering 38 countries from five world region. This study explores the key industries and sectors recently emerged and the various entities inhabiting them.

Study by Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance and University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Garrick Hileman and Michel Rauchs

with the support of VISA

Countering Cryptojacking with Intel vPro and BlackBerry

“Detect Cryptomining Activity at the Hardware Level”

Solution Brief by Blackberry LTD

Scaramucci Says the GameStop Saga Is Positive for Bitcoin

“Similar to Blackberry’s most recent price surge, the Gamestop “phenomenon exemplifies financial decentralisation, the guiding idea behind bitcoin”.


Exploring the dynamic relationships between cryptocurrencies and other financial assets

A Time and frequency domain analysis, exploring the relationships between three main cryptocurrencies, and a variety of other financial assets. The study shows evidence of time variation in the linkages reflects external economic and financial shocks.

Is Bitcoin a hedge, a safe haven or a diversifier for oil price movements? A comparison with gold

This study evaluates Bitcoin’s role as a hedge, and/or a diversifier against extreme oil price movements, compared to the corresponding functions of gold. They use quantile-on-quantile regression approach in order to understand the correlation structure between the chosen market returns hedged against Bitcoin’s market conditions, while assessing oil price movements to gold’s.